Friday, January 27, 2006

Onward and downward.

Well heck, thank you all for sitting down and not leaving when Merle did an impromptu opening act last weekend before The Glads and The Maynards hit the stage. You all laughed at the right spots and, well, again I thank you for being so very patient with me. Having spent so much time playing in live loud rock bands it is sometimes difficult to settle in and perform with just Judy (my sparkly cool cheap-as-free guitar) and my amplifier. Practices were trying. Getting the dynamics right while trying to hold peoples attention can be a slippery slope. Your enthusiasm during the show and post gig back-slapping was much appreciated.

Let us enjoy some more mad Merle antics shall we? Come down to The Dumb Minion Tavern tomorrow night, Saturday the 28th. Let's went! I have mixed up the set list a bit so as to keep those who were at last weeks shindig guessing as it were. I received a few "Why didn't you play (insert title here)?" comments. Okay. Duly noted. If you made a request while slapping my back you can sure as shootin' expect to hear (insert title here). Okay? Yeah. See the previous post for a gig flier and more details. Please remember that if you wish to send shooters up to the stage I will state that Ouzo or, in a pinch, Sambuca makes silly solo acts more lyrically limber when I consume it. Makes me more ridiculously hilarious when you consume it.

It is fun to play these songs by myself. It is so much more fun when you are there, laughing and participating and sending shooters up to the stage. I like you all for these reasons and more. Yeep!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Play a show already why don'tcha?

Merle will play a show. Next week even. Maybe sooner also. For definite sure you can watch and listen to Merle Knurling and The Silent K on Saturday January 28th at The Dominion Tavern located at 33 York Street here in Ottawa, Canada. Merle will be the first act of a three act bill. His good pal Mississippi Grover will follow. If you are not familiar with Grover's show we will recommend that he is Not To Be Missed. Okay. The whole evening is in celebration of a new long player by Four'N'Giv'R entitled Psychle.

Merle's regular drummer, John Thomas, will sadly be absent from the festivities. JT is off to Las Vegas and I suppose that that is as good an excuse as any. Expect extra reverb as Merle tries to fill the gaps on his own. There is a rumour that Merle may show up to open up a show this coming Saturday the 21st over at Irene's Pub on bank street.

Some songs are being recorded on my little mini-disc device. Demo quality mostly but in digital format so hopefully I will be able to post some Merle music soon. Watch this space for details. Okay. It is slippery out there. Stay on your feet.