Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Oh my. A year now?

Exacty a year, it seems. I have been away from the Merle Show for a while. For too long? Depends on who you ask. I've been playing the sideman in other folks bands, hanging out at The Carleton Tavern, watching baseball out at the yard. But still writing, always writing songs yet filing them away, not performing them for you to listen to while staring, confused and with jaws open, 'tsk'ing or shaking your heads. Shaking them in dismay perhaps, not necessarily in time to the music. Such is my musical career as it were.

Today I bought a microphone. A little mic for my tiny black mini-disc recorder. Perfect for making demos or recording this one man act. I was hoping to use it to capture practice sessions of our various bands but all of these bands have fizzled out of late. Boo. So hopefully I will be returning to the basement, finishing songs, booking shows. For now I will do this when my Lynx are on the road and hopefully, come Labour Day, at a more regular pace.

Enjoy this summer. Watch this space for more Merle details. I will not make promises about future performances but with some effort and gumption on my part, perhaps we can once again get this act back into shape. And then we can all have a hearty laugh about beating the shit out of baby giraffes. Together. You and I.


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