Friday, March 17, 2006

Guerilla Rock Tactics.

The House of Merle went up in smoke last month. Yet the show must go on. So here is Merle in the basement of a record store performing for a less than receptive crowd just a few days after all the flaming burning chaos. Zing! Seems it all went right over everyone's head. Whatever! Mental note: try to avoid playing to a sober indie rock crowd.

There was some laughter, mind you. Merle brought some of his Comeau gang and then the Sproull brothers showed up. The gags were not lost on some folks. There were a couple of pretty ladies in the back who seemed to be enjoying themselves, laughing in all the right spots and having a good time. And then they left. All of a sudden. Someone said to me, "I think you had 'em until you started singing that bit about screwing the pig in the shed." Sigh. So it goes.

It sure was cool of Rolf and his cohorts to set up this benefit concert. I was happy to play my songs. It seems, however, that this Merlerocking flies much better in a bar. Or at a house party, say. Why not invite Merle to your next house party? It can be exactly as quiet or as loud as required. And it will be stupid and funny. So long as we are all taking sips from the same bottle.

There are no upcoming Merle parties on the horizon. Let us please remedy this situation. I will leave it up to you. Merle is for hire. Good rates! A bottle of Ouzo and a shot glass. Please.

Thank you to Andrew Carver for following all the rock acts around town and documenting their antics so excellently. View AC's photos at his weblog. It is called National Capital Rock. And yes, it rocks. Yeah hup!

We are thinking about making a record one of these days. It is about time. Watch this space for more details. Thank you for reading this far. Take the care.


Anonymous Mississippi Grover said...

House party gigs rock! Actually, I've only ever played one - a month or so ago - but it was loads of fun and by the Jesus, a few people even danced.

Awhile back, BA Johnston emailed me about doing a K-town show (he's touring with a Vancouverite named Mr. Plow), and so I'd booked a Scherzo gig for April 8. Since it's now officially closing at the end of this month, we've been scrambling to find a replacement venue. BA emailed me the other night and, you guessed it, we're playing a house party.

1:44 PM  
Blogger Merle Knurling said...

BA Johnson is nuts. And as a result, I like him a lot! Saw him here once and he plays/tours often. Gave him a Merle trading card. Figure it would be a good match. Looking forward to seeing Grover with The Glads in Trawna on Good Friday. I'll try and make the scene. ;)

8:57 PM  

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