Monday, December 19, 2005

Painfully deep.

I have very old strings on my acoustic guitar. For the most part it hangs on my wall between two cheap crappy electric guitars but I take it down from time to time and dust off certain areas of the fretboard and around the bridge while I strum and write my songs, all out of tune. And then I hang it up again where it decorates my flat and sometimes even impresses the ladies who visit, the kind who are impressed by dusty guitars that hang on the wall of bachelor apartments. I have a fresh pack of strings with which I hope to restring my first guitar ever. I am thinking of playing Merle songs at parties hopefully soon. I have a half dozen songs that would sound cool with just an acoustic guitar, without a punk rock drummer. The thing is, it hurts like a sonofabitch to play acoustic guitar. My arm, which I broke in the summer, is fine for wrapping around my slim electric guitars but my first guitar ever is deeper. I have to hold my arm out an extra couple of inches. My shoulder says "Ouch, man." With time I hope to condition my shoulder to not say "Ouch" so much. With time I hope to bring my acoustic guitar to your party and play it without grimacing. So for now I will attempt to transpose my silly songs for ukelele which is fun to play and easy to tote to your party but tricky for my chubby fingertips. Stupid shoulder injury, you should be healed by now. Physiotherapists did not take into consideration my acoustic guitar. Looks like it's Don Ho covers for the next little while.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

All about the Merle.

I figured it was time to start one of these things for my weirdo-pop rock and roll project known as Merle Knurling and The Silent K. Merle has been around for years now, playing solo shows, forming and disbanding combos, and, recently, teaming up with a drummer to bring an element of rock volume to the local pubs and beerhalls. The Merle Knurling show is ridiculous and hopefully hilarious. It is as much fun to write these stupid tunes as it is to play them. It is an on again/off again project but Merle is always fun to fall back on. It looks like some shows will be happening in the new year. Hopefully this web log thing will keep active. Come out and see some idiotic Merle Knurling action whenever you get the chance. Be real cool to see you.