Wednesday, May 06, 2009

One take wonders.

Good news! Merle made a new record. A bus drove pals and me to Montreal. Shane and Krista warmly welcomed us into their boss recording studio. Six songs in as many hours were recorded. A course record, they say. Everyone was involved. Shane tracked and guided and the rest of us played instruments and sang. Sometimes into a cake pan, sometimes into some duct work. Cheers to the latest incarnation of The Silent K. Thank you Jason, Jessamy, Krista and Lucil. Wonderful musical pals all.

The working title of our little record is A Date With The Governor General. There is some funny stuff happening in music these days, you can bet! Watch this space for more details and send me your mailing address so we can put a record in the post for you. Okay?

Krista et Shane
It's Krista and Shane.


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