Sunday, February 19, 2006

Two cool things.

The weather and an ice cream cone. Ha ha. Some weather and an ice cream cone walk into a bar. And the priest says...

Listen to Merle this week, won't you? The week has been hectic already but I will not get into details at this point except to say that when my house burned down on Friday nobody was hurt very badly. Not even a cat. Not even a pig named Fred. Hardly even a Seeds or Yardbirds record. All are safe. All is working itself out.

Merle will be on the friggin' radio on Tuesday. That's like a day from now. Give or take. Tune in to CKCU FM Tuesday morning. Maybe at 9 or 10, say? Sounds good. Miss Marie-Josee will be allowing ol' Merle to ramble on with Casey's guitar. His actual guitar was recently smoked out in the blaze.

And then on Friday Merle will be banging it out in a short set of songs at the Avant Garde Bar on Besserer Street. Music starts at 9. Flecton is playing. Many others as well. It is a benefit concert for to buy the bar a PA system. It is a benefit for me to be there drinking Baltica beer and gazing upon the very pretty ladies who make up the waitstaff. Everyone benefits.

Check out the Merle. Listen to the radio. Gaze upon the pretty ladies. And above all, please drink Baltica beer. Or some damn thing. I forget what everything else is.

Oh... also, Andrew Carver took photographs of that Merle a couple weeks ago at ye olde Dominion Tavern. I'll post 'em here once I salvage my hard-drive from the dusty dripping frozen damage that is my apartment.

Keep a good head and always carry a lightbulb, you dig?


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